A new museum is on the way!

We are thrilled to announce that the Korean American National Museum has found a new permanent home. The Museum's future location is at the intersection of Vermont Avenue and 6th Street, right in the heart of Koreatown.

The City of Los Angeles and our Board of Directors have agreed to work together to create the Museum as part of a larger, ongoing effort to establish Koreatown as a regional cultural center. In light of this, the City has granted the Museum a 50-year lease to build and operate the Museum in the new Koreatown-Wilshire Center corridor.

The New Korean American National Museum will comprise of two large gallery spaces, an auditorium, conference rooms for community use, and a cafe and gift shop. The Museum will occupy 26,000sf on two floors along with approximately 6,000sf of exterior garden space atop the second floor for museum visitors and special events.

This marks an exciting and historic moment in the Korean American narrative. The construction of the Museum in partnership with the City of Los Angeles will serve as a space for future generations to learn about their Korean American heritage, as well provide a gateway to multicultural understanding within the diverse ecosystem of Los Angeles.

Click here to view renderings of the new museum building.

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