Exhibition Generations: Korean American Experience A concert by young Korean American musicians. A series of traditional Korean arts and crafts workshops for children. A symposium and concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the independence of Korea. A day-long Korean cultural festival. Exhibitions on the Korean migration to Hawaii and World War II's Korean "Comfort Women." Finding Family Stories, an exhibition in collaboration with the Japanese American National Museum.


ReViewing Our Past, an exhibition in which eight Korean American families traced their paths through the generations to America. Ties That Bind: Maedup Over Time, the first local exhibition devoted to maedup, highlighted by the work of Ms. Hye Soon Kim, one of Korea's greatest living exponents and teachers of maedup. Community Outreach and Education Community Arts Resources and Educational Services (KAM/CARES), a collaborative project between UC Irvine, Berendo Middle School, and KAM.



Scene '97, the region's largest showcase of recent works by California-based Korean American artists. Kimchee Xtravaganza, examined the role that kimchee plays in the contemporary art, thought, and memories of Korean Americans. (Including an arts/anthropology symposium.)


Exhibition Contemporary Korean Calligraphy.Korean WRAPsody, the first Los Angeles exhibition of contemporary art inspired by pojagi, traditional Korean wrapping cloths.Workshop NEA-sponsored workshop on onggi, traditional Korean ceramic vessels, featuring demonstrations by a master ceramicist from Korea.Community Outreach and Education KAM extended KAM/CARES to the Foshay Learning Center in South Central Los Angeles.


Snapshot, the first exhibition to examine the lives of those people born in South Korea and adopted in the West Rituals, Icons, and Faith, an exhibition examining the traditional spiritual practices of the Korean American community and its art. Storefront Dreams, the museum’s first touring exhibition, is on view in the Bay Area. It places Korean American entrepreneurship within the broader contexts of Korean American history and American society.Facility Design and Planning Developed the museum'



Storefront LIVE: Korean American Small Businesses, the Los Angeles installation of Storefront Dreams.


Dreams & Reality: Korean American Contemporary Art Celebrating 100 Years of Korean Immigration to the U.S. inaugurates the Korean American Museum’s new exhibition space in Koreatown. Previously on view at the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, D.C.,Dreams & Reality showcased recent work by leading Korean American artists.



LA Koreatown: Celebration of Continuity and Change, the second exhibition in the new exhibition space traces the history of Korean settlement in Los Angeles from its beginnings in 1904 through its explosive growth in recent decades. This is truly a remarkable story of a community struggling to succeed in American society while maintaining its strong connection to its cultural roots.


Scene ‘05: Contemporary Korean American Artists, like its predecessor, Scene '97, this exhibition generates awareness and support for Korean American contemporary art from within the Korean American community and from neighboring communities. It showcases new and diverse developments in contemporary art as created by eight of the most vibrant Korean American artists active in Los Angeles. 


LA Koreatown: Celebration of Continuity and Change is reinstalled as a permanent KAM exhibit. The exhibition was brought back because of its popularity, its value to the community, and its historical insight.


LA Koreatown: Here and Now is the Korean American Museum's second photo exhibition depicting life in Los Angeles' Koreatown. It is an extension of LA Koreatown: Celebration of Continuity and Change. While the first exhibition traced the history of Korean settlement in Los Angeles from 1904 to 2004, reinstalled as a permanent KAM exhibit. The exhibition was brought back because of its popularity, its value to the community, and its historical insight. 



a celestial space in collaboration with PYO Gallery LA showcased the first ever gallery showing as well as commemorated the one-year anniversary of the late Korean American artist Jin Ho Song. The exhibition examines the complete works of an artist who viewed painting as a journey to the divine. It also exhibits the interest to support undiscovered talents of young visionaries.